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The Aid Station_ Episode 6 

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In earlier episodes of The Aid Station we have talked about mental toughness with Melissa Urie and Goal setting and executing goals with Dickey Meehan and Abbie White. What an opportunity we have to continue building on this theme with Sport Psychologist Emma Hall.

Emma is a performance psychologist based in Melbourne and the Director of Vashti Performance Services. She previously competed at State level in a variety of sports including swimming, athletics, and volleyball, and has recently moved into aerial training and competition. Her focus is applying the characteristics of successful high performance to both athletes and business people alike.

Emma has worked across a number of fields including elite sport, career transition and coaching, recruitment and selection, crisis support, drug and alcohol programs, health psychology and behaviour change. She has travelled both domestically and internationally to provide one-on-one sessions and group workshops to some of Australia’s most successful athletes, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Her varied experiential background contributes to her unique approach in providing a supportive, client-focused and practical basis to her work. Emma also provides counselling for the treatment of mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety. She is passionate about helping others to achieve their own personal best.

What a bio! I can’t wait to chat with Emma on the 17th!

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Emma Hall | December 14, 2020

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